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Development and Construction

Commercial Construction Development

Our people bring their professional experience, technical knowledge and resourcefulness to the delivery of our construction projects. With the supports of Eva Care Group, Unistaff is a leader in healthcare facilities in the country. We recognize the need to integrate environmental factors into core business decisions and we are committed to green building and environmental sustainability on our job sites. Our business is built one project at a time: we provide all we have to each project and our clients receive best in-class quality, workmanship, and service. Currently, we have projects in different locations including China, Taiwan, Japan, etc.

Enviromental Impact Assestment

  • Compliance Imspection
  • Enviromental Health and Safety

We give full range environmental inspections and monitoring to improve the facilities’ compliance with environmental regulations. At the same time, we perform compliance services for operating facilities to provide a cost-effective and timely advantage project.