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Accounting Management

Billing and Collection

Eva Care Group, LLC provides end-to-end medical billing and collections services for Medical Facilities and Hospitals. This includes preparation and submission of claims to government agencies, commercial insurance companies and family of the patients, and payment application and reconciliation, as well as follow-up and collection of problematic claims until payment is collected.

We diligently monitor the payment status of submitted claims, meticulously apply and reconcile payments received, promptly follow-up on problem claims to ensure all billings and appeals are completed within the specified period of time before the claims are disqualified, and work closely with collection agencies to maximize collections.


Eva Care Group, LLC offers the most cost effective, worry free and easy to use payroll solutions to small and medium sized companies. You can count on Eva Care Group, LLC to process your payroll, calculate and deposit your tax withholdings and file all your payroll tax returns accurately and efficiently every pay period.

We have people you can actually talk to. Our dedicated payroll experts are on standby to provide one-on-one quick responses to all your payroll questions, if needed.

Accounts Payable

Eva Care Group, LLC can perform your routine accounts payable tasks or supplement your current staff to reduce the drain on administrative time.
Customize a package of accounts payable outsourcing services that is priced to keep you competitive.

Accounts Payable Services is committed to:

  • Process payment transactions promptly and accurately
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Comply with common accounting practice and tax reporting regulations
  • Partner with departments to improve efficiency
  • Provide expense analysis report
  • Monitor expense and budgeting

Accounts Payable Services is responsible for several types of payments which include but are not limited to:

  • Commercial/Vendor Invoices
  • Loan Payments
  • Business Expense Reimbursements
  • Travel Reimbursements
  • Service/Award Payments
  • Honorarium Payments
  • Allowances

Clinical Management

Electronic Medical Records

We provide Electronic Medical Records (EMR) audit services that aim to improve patient care and outcomes through systematic review of clinical documentation against standards of medical and nursing practice. Our well-trained healthcare professionals help ensure that effective, efficient and accurate clinical and patient health information is maintained in your health information system. Our accurate and timely audit findings generated through analysis of clinical data that detect deficient controls, duplicated effort, fraud, or non-compliance with laws, regulations, and management policies will definitely keep you organized and compliant.

  • identify the level of quality of healthcare you are currently providing and how well you meet the standards when it comes to medical services and clinical practice
  • promote good practices in your facility and increase compliance
  • provide data on areas for improvement to avoid mistakes that might lead to serious problems and legal issues
  • serve as motivators for your medical practitioners to stay alert and accountable in documenting important patient information.
  • maximize financial reimbursements through promotion of consistent, complete and accurate documentation
  • With the increasing demands of the federal and state rules and regulations on clinical practice together with the increasing requirements in reporting, billing and reimbursements, every healthcare facility is faced with the challenges of converting and maintaining patient health records in electronic form while keeping up with the standards of healthcare delivery. We can offer your business the professional clinical support and assistance you need to ensure that you will be overcoming these challenges successfully.

    Our services:

    • Providing assistance in the set-up and build of the EMR system accounts
    • Coordinating training of healthcare team members regarding the use of EMR system
    • Evaluating medical record workflow systems and provide recommendations for controls to ensure system reliability and data integrity
    • Generating compliance reports through use of relevant information and professional judgment
    • Conducting routine audits that ensures consistency and timely update of your daily clinical documentation
    • Conducting focus audits to identify patterns of poor documentation practices and identify potentially compensable events
    • Providing recommended plan of action to correct negative audit findings
    • Conduct off site pre or post charge audits on patient accounts to determine accuracy of coding

    With our EMR Audit services, you can be assured that you move only towards provision of higher level of quality care.